Set Up Email Hosting With G Suite (Google Apps For Business)

Congratulations! You are just minutes away from getting a professional email address with your own domain.  

Your client support team will help set you up for email hosting with G Suite (previously called Google Apps for Business).

Google will host your new email account for you and give you access to all their business tools, like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Calendar, and Storage for just $5/month. You also get to a free 30/day trial when you first sign-up with Google.

It is really simple to connect your own domain registered with Rentec to a new email address. Once we receive notice that you want to set up email, we start the domain verification process for you and then you just need to complete a couple extra steps.

Step 1 - Send an email to letting us know that you want to set up email hosting for the domain you registered with Rentec Direct.

We need to add the following MX records to the DNS settings on our side...

Step 2 - You will then get a response from your support team saying that we have started the process for you. The email will contain the following instructions for completing your registration for G Suite.

  1. Go to this link :

  2. Click on the “Get Started” Button.

  3. Fill out the simple “About you” form  (Name, current email, business name, number of employees)

  4. Hit “Next”

  5. Select the radio button that says “I would like to: Use a domain name I have already purchased”. Input your domain name in the field box.

  6. Hit “Next”.

  7. Create a your Google apps account. This is where you choose your new email address and create a password.

  8. Accept the terms and click sign up.

  9. Add people to your Google Apps Account. You can create up to 10 email addresses for your team members. You can add at a later time.

  10. IMPORTANT STEP: Verify Your Domain

    1. Follow the instructions from Google to Verify your domain and set up email. You only need to complete the first verification step - we took care of the other ones for you!

    2. Select- “Verify by adding a meta tag”

    3. Copy the Meta tag Google provides in these instructions.

    4. Open a new tab or window to login to your Rentec Direct account. Do not close out of the Google Apps registration page.

    5. Login into your Rentec Direct and go to the Settings Tab.

    6. Under the Settings Tab, select “Professional Website and Branding”

    7. Under the Website Setting Page, select “Home Page”.

    8. Paste the Meta Tag you copied from Google’s Instructions into the box labeled Header  

  1. Once you paste the Meta Tag in the Header Box, hit the blue Publish Button at the bottom of the page. This is an important part of the verification process.

  2. After you publish the meta tag from Google into your Rentec website. Go back to the Google Apps registration page.

  3. Check the box that says “I added the meta tag to my homepage”.

  1. Now the easy part! For each other Domain Verification step YOU ONLY NEED TO CHECK YES. This is the part we did for you on the back end, so you just need to check each box for:

    1. “I have opened the control panel for my domain”

    2. “I created new MX records”

    3. “I have deleted existing MX records”

    4. “I have saved the MX records”

  1. Once all those boxes are checked you can select the blue “VERIFY DOMAIN AND SET UP EMAIL” button. Remember, for steps l i-iv, you only need to check that each task is complete - you do not need to follow the instructions from Google.

  2. You will see a screen that tells you Google is verifying the domain, which should only take a few minutes.

  1. Once the verification process is complete, you will see instructions for how to login with your new email and password.

Note- Since this is a manual process on our end, set up for email can only take place during normal business hours. We provide our awesome clients with free, personalized support Monday-Friday 6am-5pm pst (however, we want our team members to enjoy time with their families on the weekend!). If you send us an email over the weekend, we will happily take care of your request the following Monday.

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