Enforcing Full Rental Payments via The Tenant Portal

This option allows you to specify a payment policy for online transactions from your tenants. Previously a tenant could login to their tenant portal and make any size payment into their account. As it turns out a lot of property managers desire more control over this feature. For example, if a tenant is undergoing an eviction, you don't want to accept anything less than the full month's rent otherwise you might be in jeopardy of extending their usage of your property. Other landlords just don't want to deal with partial payments. With these scenarios in mind, we've added the following EasyPay options.

 You'll find these new options by editing the tenant's EasyPay settings (right click on tenant, choose EasyPay).  

  • Allow Any Payments - This will work the same as always and is the default (unless you change it).  Renters can make any size payment they want.
  • Require Rent - This will enforce the system to only allow a payment equal to or greater than their rent amount.
  • Require Balance - This option will only accept an online payment from the tenant if they pay their full current balance.  This could include rent, late fees, and any other monthly charges associated with the tenant.

You can also set a default option for all existing and new tenants at Settings, Program Defaults, Advanced Settings.  Any setting done to a specific tenant will override the default so you can adjust your policy on a tenant-by-tenant basis.

The only pre-requisite to use this feature is having an active EasyPay Merchant account.

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