Vote On Feature Requests

We track our customer feedback carefully and also allow other customers to "vote" on suggestions that have been submitted and add comments to them.  The more input we receive on the same topic, the more likely the request will roll out.  You can even add votes to your own requests.

To add your votes to a request, head to "Knowledge Base" at the bottom of your screen in Rentec and then click on the "Give feedback" link on the right side of the page...

You should then see the following page with your name at the top-right, indicating that you are signed in.

This page will indicate how many votes you have left, allow you to submit an idea, filter & search through the ideas that have been submitted, and add votes or comments to the ideas.  

How Voting Works

By default customers are given 10 votes. Users cast votes in two ways...

  1. Creating Ideas: It takes at least one vote to create an idea. 
  2. Supporting Ideas: You can give 1 - 3 votes to any idea you support.

When you run out of votes, you will see this message...

When Ideas Are Closed, Votes Are Returned

When the status of an idea that you've voted on is set to either “Completed” or “Declined”, those votes will automatically be returned to you.

How To Redistribute Your Votes

If you have used up all of your votes, and have another idea that you'd like to submit or vote on, you can remove votes from ideas that you've already voted on and redistribute them.

Click on the "Settings" link underneath your name...

Then click on 'My Ideas' and you will see a list of all the suggestions that you've voted for.

The blue vote button shows how many votes you've given each idea.

When you click on the blue vote button, you'll be given the option to change the number of votes or remove your votes and have them returned to you.

This allows you to change the votes you've assigned to ideas. You can easily redistribute your votes to other ideas or to another idea that you submit. 

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