Online Payment Processing - EasyPay Merchant

EasyPay Merchant is for landlords and property managers to receive online rental payments from your tenants. For property managers, a merchant account also provides you the capability to forward funds from your account to property owner's accounts.

Transactions which process via this method are deducted from a tenant's account and transferred directly to your account. This process typically takes 3-5 business days for ACH and 1-2 business days for credit cards.

Rentec's merchant banks will accept all US
based checking and savings for ACH and optionally accepts all major credit cards. Having your own merchant account gives you the flexibility to set the convenience fee for credit cards, as well as the ACH processing fee your tenants pay. You must have an established business checking account to qualify for a merchant account. Charges to a tenant's bank account will show up on their statement with your company name.

The fees associated with this type of account are:
  • $0.00 one-time setup fee
  • $0.00 a month
  • ACH Transactions: $0.00 per transaction
  • CC Transactions (VISA/MC/DISC): 2.75% (AMEX) 3.5%
We recommend that you apply for this service if:
  • You process more than 5 transactions a month. 
  • You are wanting funds to deposit quickly (typically 4 business days ACH, and 1-2 business days credit).
  • You need to transmit funds to the owner's accounts via ACH (monthly disbursements for example).
  • You want the flexibility to charge your own convenience fees for ACH and CC payments.
Multiple Deposit Accounts For ACH and Credit Card Payments:
Rentec Direct includes up to 5 merchant accounts free of charge with a current Rentec Pro or PM subscription if you manage 200+ properties. If you have less than 200 properties or are setting up more than 5 merchant accounts they are billed at $15/each per month.   

User Agreement and Terms of Use:
See Also: Important Information Regarding Debit/Credit Card Processing and PCI Compliance  

To start getting setup for online payment processing...

head to the Settings tab, select Setup EasyPay and then click the link to submit the agreement online which will have further instructions.  

-  Rentec payment processing requires a Rentec Pro or PM subscription and a business checking account.
-  EasyPay requires a business checking account.
-  To accept tenant-application fees online you must select the ACH + CC Setup option at Step 2.
ACH payments are completely free. However, there is a 2.75% processing fee for credit and debit-card transactions. 

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