Adding Properties (Add a Property)

[NOTE:  Prior to adding your first property, we recommend you follow the order on your Welcome Screen and review the Quick Start Guide.  The order in which you enter information will affect the flow of information across the system and skipping steps could create extra work to correct later.]  

Click on the Properties tab and choose Add a Property at the top left of the screen.

Enter the details for your property and be sure to indicate if the property is a multi unit property and how many
 units in that property.  This will setup the subunits. Few fields are actually required; however, the more information you enter, the more the system will work as designed as these settings interact and affect other areas of record keeping, subunit setup, flow of transactions across Tabs and Ledgers, etc...  In that, we recommend assigning the following fields:
  • Enter the Default Rent and Default Security before placing a tenant into the property
  • Assign the income bank account and expense bank account and setup management fees
  • If you are a PM subscriber and added owners, and/or property managers you can assign them to a property
NOTE:  The system also allows you to create custom fields which would be useful when creating custom forms and keeping important property information easily accessible.  However, those can be added after the property has been added.  

If you anticipate tracking management fees for your property and would like the program to automatically calculate and post those fees, you will want to be sure to establish the management fee structure prior to placing a tenant in your property. To read more about automated management fees, CLICK HERE.  

After you click on the Add Property button, the system then takes you to the Marketing Information page.  You are welcome to complete that now or at a later date when you are ready to market your listings.  

After you submit your first property you will see a property listing under the Properties tab. It will look like this.

There are many ways to navigate to the property information or ledger:    

The properties rolling balance is a link which gives you details of every transaction related to this property in a general ledger format. To enter a ledger, you can mouse-over the address or click on the balance on the right-hand side. This general ledger is also available to the owner in their portal.  The 3 icons on the right are quick links for posting income and expenses, and opening the drop down menu providing more functions for the property.  You can also right click in the gray area (two finger tap for Mac users) to find the same menu as the icon.  

Additionally right from this screen you can place a tenant in this property by choosing "place new tenant" highlighted in the middle of the screen or from the drop-down menu. 

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