Tips For Getting Started

Below are some good pointers for how to get started in Rentec Direct.

When you log in to your new account, you'll want to first read over the QUICK START GUIDE  and watch the "Need Help?" video.  We also recommend you peruse our Online Knowledge Base as it's full of lots and lots of helpful "how-to" articles. You can access the Knowledge Base by clicking on "Need Help" in the upper right corner of your program.

If you have 25+ rentals, feel free to take advantage of our free data import tool.  To read more about how to do this, follow this link.  Imports should be done prior to adding in any details to your new subscription.  

After your import, or when you are adding in details manually, be sure to follow these steps.  Be sure to follow all steps below when entering data so that all details flow smoothly: 

  • Enter Owners - Settings/Manage Owners  (PM version)
  • Enter bank accounts  - Accounts/Add An Account
  • Add properties and define any subunits (handled automatically with import) - Be sure to link Owners & Bank Accounts in the property setup page
  • Setup your management fee structure (PM version)- right-click on the property name/edit property/management fees
  • Review Accounting and Program Defaults on the Settings Tab and adjust any to meet your criteria (late fees, grace periods, etc...) Be sure to review "Advanced Program Defaults" or return later for this.
  • Move tenants into the units they live in through the Property tab by clicking on the "Place New Tenant" link (handled automatically with import)
  •  Be mindful to list tenants original move-in date yet adjust the "charges to begin on" to the date you want to begin recording charges/payments... 
  • Add in additional settings/details for your tenant through the Tenant tab by right-clicking on their name and select Edit Tenant.  If their late fee is not a flat fee, or the same fee structure is not applied to all tenants in your portfolio, toggle the late fee structure here.  Automated email notices, and tenant portal access can also be set in this screen.
  •  If  tenants have an existing balance (not handled in an import), post a charge to their ledger to create an accurate ledger moving forward ( click on the link for more information on this task.)
  • Add sub-users to the program under Settings/Manage Users. Set their user permission by following the link under the permissions column in this screen.

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