Automatic Email Notifications

Rentec PRO & PM clients are able to send four automated emails to tenants.  

To toggle email options for each tenant, from the Tenant menu, select Edit Tenant, scroll down the tenant information page, check the box to enable and click the edit icon and select your preferences.


To customize the automated email templates, go to your Settings tab and select Email Templates.  From here, you are able to customize the auto-emails that are sent out to your tenants with your own text and selected fields.  Be sure to take note of the Database Fields by hovering over the blue question mark, as it explains how you are able to have the program insert first and last names of your tenants, the transaction amount and their ledger balance by simply clicking on those specific fields in the body of the email.

Email templates can also be sent directly to a tenant, owner, vendor, or group by right-clicking on their account and then selecting Email/SMS from the menu.

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