Searching within Rentec Direct

We've made it easy to find what you are looking for in Rentec Direct, and even more-so with search features on your most used pages.

On the left hand side of the Properties and Tenants tab, we've built in a search pane for you to quickly narrow down the list to find what you are looking for with just a couple keystrokes. 


This search functionality is available on both the Properties and Tenants tabs; however, there's also a way to quickly search through any other location of the software as well.  Simultaneously press the CTRL and F buttons on your keyboard.  Macintosh keyboards would use COMMAND and F.  In all popular browsers, this will bring up a search bar at the lower portion of the screen.  Enter your search terms and hit Enter.  In a similar fashion to the search functionality above this will search the page and highlight the term you are searching for.

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