Training Videos

To help new Rentec Direct users get started fast, we’ve compiled some video training materials that cover the core functionality of the program.

These videos are recorded in HD, so they look best and can be viewed the easiest when viewed in full screen mode. To enter full screen, just click the outward arrows in the lower-right of the video. After reviewing this training material, if you have any questions, please 
login and click ‘Need Help’ in the upper right corner to contact our staff.

Overview & Help
  • Product Overview... This video provides a brief demonstration of the features and capabilities of Rentec Direct Property Management Software.
  • Help ... This video shows you several ways you can contact us to get the help you need.
Basic Features
  • Getting Started ... This video provides detailed steps, tips and best practices for setting up your account. This is a must see for all new users.
  • Settings ... This video guides you through the system settings screen and goes into detail on some of the more complex setting options.
  • Bank Accounts & Property Owners ... This video will guide you through a detailed training on adding and managing bank accounts and property owners within Rentec Direct.
  • General Ledger Accounting Flow ... This video demonstrates how the ledgers work together in Rentec Direct to automatically flow transactions to the tenant, property, owner, and bank account ledgers.  
  • Properties ... This video will guide you through a detailed training on adding and managing properties within Rentec Direct.
  • Tenants ... This video will guide you through a detailed training on adding and managing tenants within Rentec Direct.
  • Tenant Deposits ... This video provides a brief demonstration on how to manage tenant deposits. You will be guided through the process of receiving a deposit, tracking deposits, charging against deposits, and finally returning deposits.
  • Reports ... This video will show you how to use the reporting system within Rentec Direct.
Additional Features
  • Bank Account Synchronization ... This video provides a short demonstration on how simple it is to connect your bank account in Rentec to your financial institution to download and synchronize transactions.
  • Manager Designations  ... PM accounts have three different manager roles that can be assigned at the property level.  Learn how these roles work.
  • Portal Setup Instructions ... This video walks you through the basic steps necessary to setup your tenant and/or owner portals.
  • Property Listing & Portal Links ... This video points you to the web addresses for your property listing page and owner & tenant portal login for direct use or to link into your webpage. 
  • Tenant Screening ... This video demonstrates how easy it is to perform vital tenant screening on prospective tenants. The demo shows you how quickly you can run full credit and criminal background screening on any prospective tenant.

  • Tenant ACH Payments ... This video shows you how to quickly and easily manage tenant ACH payments through Rentec Direct’s EasyPay system.
  • Recurring Transactions ... This video will demonstrate the recurring transactions screen. How to add, delete, and edit recurring transactions.
  • Workorders ... This video will demonstrate the built-in workorder system within Rentec Direct. It will show you how to add and manage workorders and how tenants can post repair requests from their tenant portal.
  • 1099 E Filing ... This How To Video shows you how simple it is to use your data in Rentec Direct to file your 1099's with our filing partner Nelco
  • Cash Payments... Learn how easy it is to setup & use the Electronic Cash Payments tools built into your account. 

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