Posting An Income or Expense Transaction

This example will illustrate how to manually add a transaction for a property. If you wanted to add an expense for a tenant or an account you would instead click on the Tenants or Accounts tab prior to following these directions. If you are using accounts and have not enabled the account tab, you can do so within the Settings tab, under Accounting Defaults.

1. First, open up your Properties tab. From this view you have three options on how to enter an income or expense.

You can right-click on any property to bring up the context menu, and select post income or post expense here. Alternatively, there are two quick links on the right; the green dollar sign for posting income, and the red dollar sign for posting expenses. The third method is to view the account ledger itself by clicking the balance (outlined in the purple ring). The first two options will directly bring up the income or expense dialogs whereas the third option will bring you into the account ledger where you can see and edit all the transactions associated with the property.

2. Whichever method you use above to get there, if you click on Post Expense you will then see this screen. Enter the necessary information, and add an attachment to the posting if you wish, then click Post Expense. You can adjust the date if you need to.  (If adding an attachment, your tenant/owner will not be able to view the file in their portals unless you share the file in the master File Library located under the Settings tab. Otherwise, it is recommended to directly upload the file to the property/tenant File Library).

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