Blue Moon Integration

Your development team is creating an integration feature for all clients that currently use Blue Moon services. Stand by... more information to come! 


What does the new feature do: (THIS FEATURE IS COMING SOON!)

Allows users to integrate their Rentec account with the following Blue Moon lease types:

NAA Click & Lease: Industry standard leases for all 50 states
TAA Click & Lease: Industry standard Texas Apartment Association leases
AANC Forms: Apartment Association of North Carolina leases GAA Forms: Georgia Apartment Association leases TSSA Forms: Texas Self Storage Association leases

Why use Blue Moon? Because creating a lease with Blue Moon means having hundreds of forms available to compose the lease from. These forms provide provisions for parking, rent concession, student lease housing, and many others, and these Forms are specific to your State and lease type.

Once a lease has been created, it can be executed and completed electronically.   

How does this new feature expand or enhance a feature that already exists in Rentec? 
  • Rentec users can now view, monitor the status of, and save Blue Moon leases in their File Library.
  • They can use their Blue Moon username and password to create a Rentec token for integrating.
  • Additional lease types can be added, as you go.
  • Blue Moon leases are associated with Tenants by their email address.
  • Tenant info can be managed from a right click menu for the lease. Leases can also be managed using the Blue Moon UI, by using the right click menu. 
Why would a Rentec client want to use this feature? What part of their job does it make easier?

This enhancement makes life easier for landlords and property managers who need to maintain full confidence in the specific language of their leases and know it is customized to the needs of the property, as well as local, State, and Federal rules and regulations.

A Blue Moon lease can now be created and executed, then managed from Rentec. A copy of the lease is also saved in the File Library and can be shared with a tenant.

How does a Rentec client access the new feature?

Step 1: Go to Settings and click the link for Blue Moon Configuration

Step 2: Provide your Blue Moon username and password to create a token

Once your token has been created, you can come back to this screen at any time to delete this token and create a new one.

Step 3: Go to the Blue Moon page, from the Summary page, by clicking on the Quick Access Links

Step 4: Add your first Blue Moon Serial.

When you land on the Blue Moon page for the first time, a box will appear that asks you to provide the first serial code you would like to use to begin tracking leases within Rentec. If you wanted to track NAA leases for the State of Texas, your serial code might look something like this:
To find this code, log into your Blue Moon account and find the Settings tab.

Then look under the General Settings tab for the Serial Number

And and enter this code, along with a label that helps you identify these leases in the future, in the box that appears. In this case, we are entering Serial and Label for a Texas NAA license.

Step 5: Complete and execute a new Blue Moon Lease for a tenant.
To execute a lease, first click the View Print Menu at the top of the lease you are creating.

Then, on the next page, make sure the Request E-Signature box is checked, before clicking Print Selected Forms

Finally, after you click Print Selected Forms, it’s very important to make sure the email address of the recipient matches the email address of the same tenant in Rentec

Please make sure that this email address, specified for the Resident, matches that of the tenant, specified in Rentec.

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