Cash Payments (PayNearMe) Electronic Rent Collection For Cash Paying Tenants


Detailed instructions on applying and using the Cash Payments Network are available in the video below:

The first step to getting set up with Cash Payments is to head to the Rentec Direct settings page. Here you will find a new option entitled “Cash Payments”. Click on this link to be taken to the first page in the application process. This page will give you an overview of what to expect when applying for Cash Payments. 

After applying to take Cash Payments your application will be in a “Pending” state. At this time we work hard to validate the information provided so that you can start accepting Cash Payments with Rentec Direct. The validation process can take up to a week to complete, and, although you are welcome to refresh the page until that happens, we’ll also send you an email when you are all approved. 


Enabling Cash Payments for a tenant is done from the Online Payments page for that tenant. Cash Payments can only be enabled for a tenant who is moved into a property.

Step 1: From the Tenants tab find the tenant you wish to enable.
Select the
Online Payments option from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Find the Enable Cash Payments button at the bottom of the Online Payments page. Click the button.

Step 3: Confirm the Tenant information and click the Enable Cash Payments button.

Note: the screen will not allow you to move forward unless all fields are entered, the tenant's email address and phone number will be required. 

- - - 

Your tenant is now enabled and can start paying cash at a large variety of cash payment locations near them. Tenants can either print out a PaySlip to bring with them, or even better, login to the tenant portal via the Resident Connect mobile app and show the clerk the bar code right on their phone. You can also print the tenants Payslip or text it to them from the Online Payments page.

Should you decide you want to disable Cash Payments for this tenant you can easily do so via the Disable Cash Payments button. If disabled, any payments the tenant attempts to make will be declined with an explanation message.


The Cash Payments feature from Rentec Direct will also ensure that your Online Payment policy is respected. This means that if set up, the entire balance or entire rent will be required. Should a tenant attempt to pay less than the required amount the cash payment will be rejected and the appropriate message issued to the tenant by the payment location cashier.


Rentec Direct’s cash payment network is powered by PayNearMe, the leading property management cash payment network. With over 20,000 locations, tenants can easily find a local payment station to make their payments. PayNearMe does have some minimum requirements for getting approved:

  • You must manage 50 or more units through Rentec Pro or PM; and
  • You must take in an average of 10 cash payments per month.


  • Tenants pay $3.99 service fee to the payment location when making a payment. For example, if they want to pay $500 in rent, the payment location will charge them $503.99 and $500 will be sent to your bank account.
  • PayNearMe is required to complete an extensive background check on applicants in order to legally transfer cash in the United States. As such, they have a one-time $200 setup fee.
  • Tenant payments are reflected in your Rentec Direct account within minutes of the payment being made
  • The Financial Report "Cash Payments" will detail out all tranactions
  • Tenant Payments fund in your bank account in 3 - 5 business days

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