Welcoming Tenants

Rentec Direct has built-In tools to streamline managing your Tenants, such as online options for Tenants to submit maintenance requests, view payment & charge history, schedule online rent payments and view shared files.  

To get things started, first you would want to activate the tenants' portal.  Click here for instructions.   

After you have completed the setup process for your tenants' portal, you then have the ability to send them a Tenant Portal Welcome Letter.

Choose one of the following links to download a sample Tenant Portal Welcome Letter to edit or print out, and provide your tenant details regarding access to their tenant portal and payment processing.


Copy and paste the following text into your preferred text editor, like Word or Google Docs, and edit the content as needed before sending out this Tenant Portal notification to your residents. Please note that you will want to enter in the transactions services fees you will be charging and your contact information as those fields are left blank.

Welcome to Your Tenant Portal

Your Tenant Portal gives you easy options to:

  • Pay Rent Online
  • Submit Maintenance Requests
  • Review Your Lease Agreement
  • View Property/Lease Notifications
  • View Your Payment History
  • Update Your Contact Information

How To Access Your Tenant Portal

You will receive an email from notices@rentecdirect.com which will give you instructions for logging into your Tenant Portal.

You can also access your tenant portal with your login creditials by visiting www.rentecdirect.com/tenants.

How To Pay Rent Online

You can easily pay rent online through the Payments tab in your Tenant Portal.

To get setup follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Tenant Portal
  2. Click the Payments tab
  3. Click the “Enter Account Information”
  4. You will be prompted to enter your bank routing number and account number.
  5. Once your bank information is saved, you can make a one-time payment or schedule recurring monthly rent payments.

Alternatives methods for setting up Online Payments

Some landlords want to input their tenants bank information, rather than have the tenant set up the payment themselves. If your landlord wants to get setup follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the Payments tab in your Tenant Portal
  2. Download the Authorization Form to Pay with Electronic Check (ACH)
  3. Complete the Authorization Form, attach a VOIDED check and a copy of a valid photo ID, and return it to your property manager.

Once we have the above information from you, we can activate your account. You will be able to schedule recurring or single-time ACH payments from your bank account. You also have the option to pay rent via credit card for a nominal fee.

 Now that you have activated the tenants portal and have sent them a welcome letter, you can Setup EasyPay Payment Processing  if you want tenants to have the option to pay rent electronically

If you want to control the setup process for setting up Tenant Payments, once you receive the Tenant EasyPay authorization form back from your tenant, activate their EasyPay options by going to the Tenant tab > right-click on Tenant > select Online Payments/EasyPay ACH

You can create your own ACH Authorization form & upload it by going to Settings tab > Setup EasyPay (a sample form can be viewed here.)

If you want to allow your tenants to enter their own bank information and schedule payments independently through their portal, be sure to indicate this by going to the Settings tab Setup EasyPay.

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