Syndicated Sites - why is my listing not showing up?

Here are a few of the reasons why your rental listing may not be showing up on one or more of the syndicated sites ...

1) Zillow Group (Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads) have changed their policies... 

2) It can take up to 72 hours.
When you create a listing or make a change to a listing in Rentec, it can take up to 72 hours for the syndicated sites to post or update your listing. In most cases, you'll see your listing in just a few hours or within the first day, but delays can occur and it may take another day or two before your listing is made public for everyone to view.  

3) They already have a listing in place for the same address.
For example, Zillow's policy states that they will only post 1 listing per address. So, if a realtor previously listed the address for sale years ago and never removed the for sale listing from Zillow, they will not post your rental listing because the old listing is still in place. This could also be an issue with multi-unit complexes, and it is recommended to list the building rather than each individual unit and then mention which units are available in the description.

4) The way you have the address formatted.
If their system does not recognize your address because you entered "space" instead of "unit" or "Ste" instead of "Suite" for example, their system may reject it and not post your listing. We recommend entering the address into, which will reformat it for you in a way that their system recognizes and will help cause most of the syndicates sites to recognize also. If you don't know whether the address is a Street, Road, or Court for example, enter the house number, partial street name, city, zip and will usually help you determine the rest of the address.

5) Invalid contact email address.
The listings use the email address that you have entered under Settings > Your Contact Information unless you are subscribed to the PM version and have a property manager assigned to the property. If a property manager is assigned to the property, the listings will use the email address that you have entered for the property manager under Settings > Setup Property Managers. If the email addresses that you have entered are not valid, the listings wil not post properly to the syndicated sites.

6) Missing information.
If your listing is missing the rental price or the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for example, their system may choose not to post your listing.  

Important Note: If your listing is showing up on some of the syndicated sites, such as, but is not showing up on this would mean that the Rentec system is working properly. We simply send the information to the syndicated sites, it is then up to them to choose whether or not to post the listing. We recommend contacting the syndicated partner directly to find out the exact reason why they may be rejecting your listing.

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