Wait List Tool

Our development team is reviewing the option of adding in an official "Wait List" tool, however in the meantime, we have a very easy work-around you'll enjoy using.

If you have a lead that hasn't yet applied for a specific home you have available, and you want to be able to easily search through the various wait-list criteria - such as "Allows Pets" or "Wheelchair Accessible" or "Section 8 - we've got you covered!  

To add in your prospect, head to the Tenant's tab and select "Add Tenant."  From here, add in details about your applicant.  If you want to track the day they applied, add this in the "First Name" field.  The area you will want to enter your sort criteria will be in the "Additional Occupants" section.  Be sure to list out the individual criteria separately and do not use any spaces between multi-word criteria, such as "2 bedroom."   Once your applicant is assigned to a particular unit, you can remove these wait-list details or move them to the "Notes" section.

To be able to sort the inactive tenants by the criteria you have created, be sure to head to your Settings tab/Program Defaults/Advanced Defaults and enable the tool "Include Additional Occupants In Tenant List and Search."

When you need to search your "Wait List", head to the Tenant tab and use the Filter tool to find your applicants with the specific criteria:

If you need to print this list, use a "print screen" tool such as right-click on the image.

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