Setup Electronic Signatures (DocuSign)

Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome are recommended when using this tool vs. Internet Explorer. This tool will also require you to signup for a DocuSign account through Rentec and you will not be able to use an existing DocuSign account with this tool.

Program Defaults
Under the Settings Tab  open the Program Defaults. “Show pending electronic documents waiting to be signed?” controls whether or not the “...documents waiting to be signed.” notice will appear on the Summary page.

User Permissions
If you are using Rentec Pro or PM and have additional user accounts, you can specify whether these accounts have permission to send electronic envelopes.
In the Settings Tab, open Manage User Accounts then select a user whose permissions you wish to edit. “Allow access to Forms” is required to edit forms. Please use caution when granting “Allow access to send Forms electronically via DocuSign” as each envelope will have a cost associated with it.

Under the Settings Tab, select the option labelled "Forms". Forms are like templates that will be populated with information at a later time. To add a new form click "Add Form" on the left side of the page.  New forms are created with some default content and data fields to help you get started and are automatically saved in the Drafts group.  

To add content to the form, click within the content area and begin typing or pasting content.  (TIP:  To paste text without source formatting, use CTRL-SHIFT-V). You can insert additional database fields by clicking "Fields" on the top right, which will open a menu for you to choose from.

Once you are done creating a new form, choose the Group in the top right or add a new group name and save the form by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. 

How to copy an existing agreement into Rentec Forms
If you have an existing rental agreement and want to copy it into Rentec's form system, the way to do this is to copy and paste it over.  For example, open the document in your existing document editor.  Select all the text within your document (CTRL-A is a shortcut for this), then push CTRL-C on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Copy) to copy it into your computer's memory (aka, clipboard).  Return to Rentec Direct and create a blank form (or edit an existing one).  Place your cursor inside the form where you want the text to be placed and press CTRL-V on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Paste). This will move the content from your original document into the Rentec forms system.  The Rentec editor will attempt to maintain formatting; however, depending on the source sometimes the document formatting may need to be corrected to look right. You can press the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see what the document will look like when printed at any time.

For more detailed instructions on how to copy and paste, see this article

TIP:  If the formatting does not carry over well, it's often best to paste without formatting using CTRL-SHIFT-V instead, then do the formatting within the Rentec editor.

Setting up DocuSign

Click on Utilities under the Settings Tab. Click on DocuSign Configuration then click on the blue link to setup a Docusign account.

An email should arrive in your inbox momentarily with the activation link.  Follow the instructions in the email. Clicking on ACTIVATE will take you to the DocuSign website to create your account.  They will ask you to choose a password and a security question and click the "Activate" button.  These steps must be completed to continue.

If the email does not arrive after 10 minutes, you can click on the link to "resend the confirmation email” which will invalidate the old activation email and send a new one. 
Once you have completed the account setup at DocuSign, return to the window or tab that Rentec is open in. You will be presented with an area to enter a subject and message. These fields will be used in the email from DocuSign when sending a form electronically and you can edit them here. 

######  NOTICE ######
Your account will initially be setup on the demo system so you can test and familiarize yourself with this process at no cost.  We recommend completing all the following steps by setting yourself up as a tenant, then sending and signing a form to become familiar with the system.  You can do this as many times as you like; however, demo envelopes and their signatures are not legally binding and only to be used for testing purposes.  Once you are done familiarizing yourself with the system, return to Settings, Utilities, DocuSign Configuration, and toggle the system to "Production".  You will again be prompted to setup a production DocuSign account which involves the same steps as you did for the demo account. 


As of February 27, 2017, unlimited DocuSign envelopes are included in new subscriptions for free.

For clients on our old price plan that wish to update to the new plan, please contact your support team at 800-881-5139 x2.

Pricing listed below applies to accounts established prior to 2/27/17 that have not updated to the new plan.

Once switched to the production system, each envelope sent will have a cost of $2.50 each (even if left unsigned as the charge happens at the time the envelope is sent). 

Sending an Electronic Signature Envelope to a New Tenant
When placing a tenant into a property you will have the option to setup a lease on the edit tenant screen

This page requires that all signer names and email address be filled in on the left side of the screen. Clicking on Send lease electronically will create an envelope and email it to the signers for signature. The email will provide further instructions for the signers on how to add their electronic signature to the document(s) in the envelope.  If you prefer to download the PDF document and handle it traditionally, click on Download instead.

Co-renter's can be added by clicking the Add Signer button and then entering the name and email address of the co-renter. This will auto-populate the primary tenant's name and all co-renter name's that you added onto the lease anywhere you have used the "All Names" data field. 

Sending an Electronic Envelope to Existing Tenants
You can go to the Forms page by right-clicking on a tenant and choosing the Forms (Leases, etc.) option.  From here the same steps will apply as when sending an envelope to a new tenant.

Sending an Electronic Envelope to an Owner
You can go to the Forms page by right-clicking on an Owner account and choosing the Forms option.

Checking the Status of an Electronic Envelope
How do I check on the status of an envelope once it has been sent? Open the Summary page. Either click on the link near the top of the notices that says "There are currently NN documents waiting to be signed", or click on the "eSign" link at the bottom of the page. The envelope status page requires the “Allow access to send Forms electronically via DocuSign” permission.

The envelope status page lists envelopes and their status. You can re-send a notification email by clicking the mail icon.

Once a lease has been completed by all parties, it is automatically saved within the Tenant's file library and named "Executed Lease mm-dd-yyyy.pdf (with mm-dd-yyyy being the current date).

That's it.  You have an electronic legally binding signature.

An additional copy of the Lease agreement and signatures is stored at DocuSign.  To login to the DocuSign system, visit Settings, Utilities and click DocuSign Configuration.  Click the link labelled "LOG IN to your DocuSign account".  Login using your email address and the password you supplied when setting up your DocuSign account.

If necessary, to obtain a signature certificate, login to DocuSign.  Now click the Manage tab.  Choose the document you need a certificate for, then select "Actions" (top-right), and choose "Certificate".  

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