Notifications and Reminders (Notes)

The notes and reminders interface has a right side panel (shown in the screenshot) which gives you very flexible reminder options.  You can set a one time reminder, or a recurring reminder for any frequency you choose.

Here’s a few ideas:

Property Reminder:  Replace batteries in smoke alarms, repeat every 10 years.
Property Reminder:  Send Joe out to clean the gutters, repeat every 6 months.
Property Reminder:  Annoy Frank to no end by both SMS and Email, repeat daily! 
Tenant Reminder:  Evaluate and increase rent, repeat every 1 year.

This feature is already available for all Pro and PM users.  Right-click on a property or tenant, and choose “Notes & History”.  Now add a new note, and set the reminder settings accordingly.  If you want to test, just set a reminder for tomorrow with your email address or mobile number and you should get the notification the following day at 8:00AM Pacific.

To set only an “in app” notification, just do not select email or SMS.  You will then get a notice in your notices panel as shown in the following screenshot.

You can change the default notification time at Settings, Program Defaults.

When someone replies to a text that you've sent, the Summary Tab will indicate that you have unread messages in the Notices section...

And in the Mailbox link at the bottom of your account ...

On the Tenants tab, you can also right-click on a tenant account and select Email/SMS from the menu to see any replies directly from that particular tenant.  

A Note About SMS Messages...

Rentec does provide the ability to schedule a reminder and have Rentec send a text message to you or one of your staff using the instructions above. If you are on our current bundled pricing the SMS service is free to setup with unlimited messages.  To confirm you are on our bundled subscription pricing, head to Settings>Your Account & Subscription>click on the Modify Subscription link on the left.  

If you are on the older pricing plan and do not wish to upgrade, we provide blocks of 10 SMS messages for $1 for all notes/reminders to yourself and your staff going out via our SMS number each month.

You can also send text messages to your tenants by purchasing your own SMS number. You can purchase your own SMS number for $10/mo which includes 500 messages (2c/ea thereafter) and enables full SMS communication to your owners and tenants.  To order an SMS number of your own, go to the Tenant's tab, right-click on their account, select Email / SMS from the menu and attempt to send an SMS message to the tenant. A screen will pop up letting you know that you are not setup for SMS and will ask you if you would like to go ahead and order an SMS number...

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