Property and Tenant Accounting

Rentec Direct gives you the power to individually track every property and every tenant as well as link to your existing bank accounts. You are presented with an individual ledger for each property and each tenant which can be maintained separately from your checking/savings accounts for pinpoint accurate accounting. You can also link your banking accounts to one or more properties and Rentec will automatically carry forward transactions into the appropriate bank accounts.
Here's how powerful and simple the interface is.
From your properties tab, you will see a complete listing of all your properties, and their balances, with quicklinks on the right to post income and expenses. The property balance (for instance, 1816 NW B St has a positive $9,705.00 rolling balance) is also a link to the detailed ledger for this property.

The property ledger gives you detailed transactions associated with this property along with quick links on the top to post new income or expenses to this property.

The tenant ledger gives you a similar view, but includes a special link in the upper right with a separate accounting of the tenant's deposits.

Quickly reconcile your bank accounts to your statements using the reconciliation engine built into Rentec property management software.

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