Searching within Rentec Direct

We've made it easy to find what you are looking for in Rentec Direct, and even more-so with search features on your most used pages.

At the top of the Properties and Tenants tab, we've built in a search pane for you to quickly narrow down the list to find what you are looking for with just a couple keystrokes.  In the screenshot below, the search panel is in the top right.  In the example, we've entered "123", and that instantly narrowed down the listing results to properties which had 123 within their name and it also highlights your search terms within the panel.  This same functionality is on the Tenants tab as well.

This search functionality is available on both the Properties and Tenants tabs; however, there's also a way to quickly search through any other location of the software as well.  Simultaneously press the CTRL and F buttons on your keyboard.  Macintosh keyboards would use COMMAND and F.  In all popular browsers, this will bring up a search bar at the lower portion of the screen.  Enter your search terms and hit Enter.  In a similar fashion to the search functionality above this will search the page and highlight the term you are searching for.

Example Firefox search bar.

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