Quick-Start Guide


Welcome to Rentec Direct, a feature rich and very simple to use property management software solution for landlords and property managers. This user manual will help you setup the core features of the program. 

The Quick-Start Guide

We recommend that you read over all the written instructions to help make sure your program runs optimally, however if you choose to skip ahead it’s best to add items in the following order…

128 1png  THE BASIC STEPS  
  1.  Review the Settings Tab and adjust all settings to match your preferences, such as your late fees. 
  2.  Add Bank Accounts and starting balances.
  3.  Add Categories (chart of accounts).  
  4.  Add Vendors and Payees.
  5.  Add Owners.
  6.  Add Property Managers.
  7.  Add Properties, starting balances, enter rent/deposit amounts, link to the banks/vendors/owners/property managers that have been added, add management fees.
  8.  Add Tenants and starting balances.
  9.  Place Tenants into Properties. Be mindful to list their original move-in date yet adjust the “charges to begin on” date as the date you want to begin recording charges/payments.

If you get stumped along the way, don't worry, we offer free phone, email, and online support to all Rentec Pro and PM subscribers. To reach our U.S. based Client Success Team, contact us using one of the methods below:

  •   By phone at 1-800-881-5139
  •   By email at support@rentecdirect.com
  •   By online chat within the program 
We also have an extensive online knowledge base which covers almost all questions. This knowledge base is accessed by logging in and clicking “Knowledge Base” at the bottom of the screen in Rentec. You can quickly search for your question and 9 times out of 10 there’s an instant answer presented to you.

- - - 

Follow this link to be taken to our Easy-To-Follow guide in a PDF version offering you complete instructions to begin using your new Property Management Software.  
      64png   BEYOND THE BASICS...   
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