Download Data From Rentec Then Import Into QuickBooks

The software gives you the ability to download the data in two ways:  

Option 1

Check your Advanced Program Defaults to confirm that your report includes "Display property and transaction memo in account ledger reports". 

Advanced Program Defaults are located in the Settings tab> Program Defaults>Advanced Program Defaults.  

  • Be sure to Save Changes on this advanced page -- and then save again on the next screen.  
  • Go to Reports tab>Financial Reports>Account Ledger B Report and select the bank account and date range on the left-hand side.   
  • You can now create a report that you can download in Excel/CSV and import it to Quickbooks using Quickbooks importing tools.  


Go to the Account Tab>Enter ledger for that Bank Account>Download data link is located on the bottom of the page

You may now import this data to QuickBooks using QuickBooks importing tools.  

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